Since returning from winter break, JOY at Edwards Elementary has had a lot of firsts! JOY After-School Orchestra Students are learning a ton of new music. Our beginning orchestra has started learning how to play music in a round through the D Major Scale and the ever popular “Are You Sleeping?” This skill helps develop playing in more than one part at a time. Our Intermediate Orchestra is also preparing to learn a two-part, simplified adaptation of “Brandenburg Concerto” from our String Explorer book. Lastly, our Advanced orchestra has begun to transition out of our String Explorer book and is now learning new pieces through sheet music! Their music is now written in four parts, which is a new challenge, but is proving to be tons of fun.

Additionally, the JOY team is in the planning stages of a collaboration concert with a trio from the Willamette Valley Chamber Music Festival (WVCMF) and George Fox University for Friday, April 15th. Our students will spend the week leading up to the performance doing coachings, working with the members of the trio on their music, participating in various activities, and preparing for the performance in the beautiful Bauman Auditorium. It is a special treat we hope to share more details and information here soon!